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Acre Books, Literary Ventures

Ali, Kazim, Dear Alice, Dear Coltraine

Allport, Andrew, On W.G. Sebald

Arnold, Robert

Countdown to the Books of 2012 

Books of 2010

On JT LeRoy

Austin, Derrick

On James Merrill

Summer Reading 2015

Anticipated Books of 2017

Axelrod, Howard, On Elena Ferrante

Baker, David, On Mbembe Milton Smith

Bar-Nadav, Hadara, What Else Can Language Do: Reading Alice Notley

Barot, Rick, Poetry Spotlight

Bazzett, Michael

Poetry Spotlight 2017

Poetry Spotlight 2015

Poem: “Icarus”

Beeber, Steven, On Captain Beefheart

Beer, Nikki

On Tom Waits

On Yoko Ono

Benis White, Allison, On Killarney Clary

Betts, Tara, On Pablo Neruda

Belz, Aaron, Think Music: Aaron Belz

Biddinger, Mary, Think Music: Mary Biddinger

Boss, Todd, Think Music: Todd Boss

Bowlin, Barrett

Anticipated Books of 2017

Anticipated Books of 2016

Anticipated Books of 2015

Anticipated Books of 2013

Anticipated Books of 2012

Brimhall, Traci, Pessoa My Big Imaginary Love

Brock, Geoffrey, Poetry Spotlight

Brown, Jericho, Think Music: Jericho Brown

Calvocoressi, Gabrielle, Think Music: Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Chase, Katie, On Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum

Clay, Adam, Any Motion Without Sound: Frank Stanford

Cohen, Elizabeth, Think Music: Tom Waits

Console, Cyrus, On Michael Van Walleghen

Cooper, Tom, Fiction Spotlight

Copperman, Michael, On Willa Cather

Cramer, Steven, Poetry Spotlight

Day, Adam

Anticipated Books of 2013

Countdown to the Books of 2012

Anticipated Books of 2010

Poetry Spotlight

de La Paz, Oliver, On Laura Jensen

Diaz, Joanna, Poetry Spotlight

Didden, Katy, Anticipated Books of 2017

Dietz, Maggie, Poetry Spotlight

Dimitrov, Alex, Poetry Spotlight

Ebeid, Carolina, Poetry Spotlight

Ebenbach, David, In Memoriam

Falcon, Zach, On William Gaddis

Foos, Laurie, On Steve Sherrill

Frank, Rebecca Morgan

Anticipated Books of 2017

Anticipated Books of 2016

Anticipated Books of 2013 (Fiction)

Anticipated Books of 2013 (Poetry)

Anticipated Books of 2012

Anticipated Books of 2012 (Nonfiction!)

Fuller, Claire, On Barbara Comyns

Grennan, Eamon, Poetry Spotlight

Hagenston, Becky, Fiction Spotlight

Harriell, Derrick, Poetry Spotlight

Harrison, Leslie, Poetry Spotlight

Hartnett, Annie, In Memoriam

Hazelton, Rebecca, On Marguerite Duras

Hearon, Todd, Poetry Spotlight

Hill, Sean, Poetry Spotlight

Hoffman, Richie, Poetry Spotlight

Honum, Chloe,Poetry Spotlight

Hoover, Michelle, On William Gass

Hutchinson, Ishion, The First Time: A Reading

Jaeger, Tyrone, Tyrone Jaeger Pushes Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son

Jenike, Lesley, On Marianne Moore

Jess, Tyehimba, Think Music: Tyehimba Jess

Johnson, Marci Whiteman, On Alan Michael Parker

Jones, Alden, Think Music: On P.J. Harvey

Kalotay, Daphne, The “Other” Daphne: du Maurier’s Short Stories

Klatt, L.S., On John Berryman

Klein, Lee, On Thomas Mann

Koo, Jason, Crossing the Bridge from Music to Making

Kook, Hyejung, On Bach

Krouna Writing Workshop, Literary Ventures

Ladd, Andrew, On James Morrow

Laux, Dorianne, Think Music: Dorianne Laux

Leonard, Keith, Poetry Spotlight

Levin, Dana, Poetry Spotlight

Lewis, Sara A.

Anticipated Books of 2017

Anticipated Books of 2016

Bundle Up with a Good Book (2015)

12 Days of Lit Mag Giving (2015)

Lewis, Trudy, On Allegra Goodman

Limón, Ada

Getting Naked-er: Sharon Olds


Lipman, Joel, What’s In the Background

Lisicky, Paul, Chords of Inquiry

Litman, Ellen, Fiction Spotlight

Luloff, Joanna

Anticipated Books of 2016

Fiction Spotlight

Luongo, Margaret, Fiction Spotlight

Majmudar, Amit, “Earshot”: A Riff

Mann, Randall, Moore, Moore, Moore

McGlynn, Karyna, Think Music: Karyna McGlynn

McMahon, Tyler, On Russell Banks

McKee, Marc, Post Rock Poetics

Memorious Readers, Countdown to the Books of 2012 with Our Readers

Mesnard, Natalie, Anticipated Books of 2017

Miller, Matt, Poetry Spotlight

Moore, Jennifer, Poetry Spotlight

Muench, Simone, Simone Muench on Marie Ponsot

Nordgren, Sarah Rose, Poetry Spotlight

Orgera, Alexis, The First Time: Stanley Kunitz

Orner, Peter, Fiction Spotlight

Parmenter, Chad, On Lucie Brock-Briodo

Pashley, Jennifer, Fiction Spotlight

Percy, Benjamin

Fiction Spotlight 2017

Fiction Spotlight 2015

Perrine, Jennifer,  My Love Is Large—My Love Contains Multitudes

Peterson, Allan, Interview

Phillips, Emilia, Poetry Spotlight

Phillips, Patrick, Interview

Pierce, Catherine, Poetry Spotlight

Poteat, Joshua,  On Larry Levis

Rader, Dean, Wallace Stevens

Rancourt, Jacques J., Poetry Spotlight

Reddy, Nancy, Poetry Spotlight

Richardson, Rachel, Anticipated Books of 2016

Rivard, David

Neon in Daylight Is a Great Pleasure: Edwin Denby

Poetry Spotlight

Roderick, David, Poetry Spotlight

Ross, Anna, Galway Kinnell & The First Time at the Podium

Rossell, Broc, Think Music: Broc Rossell

Ruiz-Camacho, Antonio, On José Emilio Pacheco

Sawyer, Larry, On Anne Sexton

Schomburg, Zachary, On Russell Edson

Scott, James, Fiction Spotlight

Sen, Chaitali, On Peter Høeg

Shields, Sharma

Fiction Spotlight 2017

Fiction Spotlight 2012

Singer, Sean, Poetry Spotlight

Sindu, SJ, Think Music: Coyote Grace

Singh Sidhu, Ranbir, Fiction Spotlight

Skolfield, Karen, Poetry Spotlight

Stansel, Ian, Fiction Spotlight

Stone, Jeneva Burroughs, On Sir Thomas Browne

Stone, Nomi, On C.D. Wright

Talbird, John, On David Foster Wallace

Titus, Alison, Lucie Brock-Broido!

Trapp, Brian

Anticipated Books of 2016

Anticipated Books of 2017

Valente, Anne

Fiction Spotlight 2016

Fiction Spotlight 2014

On Megan Mayhew Bergman

van den Berg, Laura

Anticipated Books of 2016

Anticipated Books of 2012

Fiction Spotlight

Vitkauskas, Lina Ramona, On Mina Loy

Weesner, Ted, Countdown to the Books of 2012

Weisburd, Stefi, Love Whoop for Mary Ruefle

White, Philip, On Frederick Goddard Tuckerman

Whyman, Paula, On T.C. Boyle

Wilder, Robert, On Foreigner

Wilkinson, Caki

Countdown to the Books of 2012

Poetry Spotlight

Willis, Deborah, On Shirley Faessler

Wright, Erica,  On Barbara Hamby

Wrigley, Robert, Think Music: Robert Wrigley

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