Countdown to 2012 with Our Readers

Over the past two weeks, we have brought you lists from our editors and contributors sharing the books we are looking forward to reading in 2012. It seemed only fitting that our final list could come from you, our readers. (Since clearly we are grateful for your taste in reading!) Our final post of 2011 comes from our readers who follow us on Facebook or Twitter. The staff looks forward to continuing to read along with all of you in 2012. Happy New Year!

Reader Robin Lippincott, whose most recent title is In the Meantime, and who is also a contributor, recommends we add Susan Sontag to our list.


DeWitt Henry, founding editor of Ploughshares, whose most recent title is Sweet Dreams: A Family History, suggests Doug Crandall’s fourth novel, They’re Calling You Home.

Memorious contributor Mary Biddinger, whose most recent book is Saint Monica, suggests we keep our eye out for upcoming titles from Akron Poetry and Poetics, including the winning book of the Akron Poetry Prize, former Memorious contributor Emily Rosko‘s Prop Rockery, and the editor’s choice selection, Jason Bredle’s Carnival.

Last but not least, Memorious contributor Kent Shaw, the author of the poetry collection Calenture, recommends we keep our eye out for Patricia Lockwood’s Balloon Pop Outlaw Black, which is forthcoming from Octopus Books in 2012.

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