Anticipated Poetry Books of 2014

Ten years, ten women poets!

Every year we like to look forward to the books of the New Year. (You can take a look at last year’s list and see whether you think we did a good job of telling you what to look out for.)  My list this year is dedicated to nine  contributors (all women!) who have swept the poetry book contests this year and  who have books forthcoming in 2014. My mission at Memorious has always been to seek out exciting emerging writers, so it is thrilling to see so many  of our contributors publish their first and second books. My bonus tenth poet, Lisa Williams, publishes her third book this year with New Issues.  So in celebration of ten years of publishing, here are ten Memorious poets to look out for in 2014!

                      -Rebecca Morgan Frank, Editor-in-Chief

Contributor Kara Candito‘s Spectator (University of Utah Press), winner of the Agha Shahid Ali Poetry Prize

Contributor Chloe Honum‘s The Tulip Flame, winner  of the 2013 Cleveland State University First Book Prize for Poetry

CSU Honum Cover full mocked for promos

Contributor Sara Eliza Johnson‘s Bone Map (Milkweed), Winner of the 2013 National Poetry Series


Contributor Sandra Lim’The Wilderness (Norton), winner of the 2013 Barnard Women Poets Prize

Contributor Sarah Rose Nordgren‘s Best Bones (U of Pitts Press),  winner of the 2013 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize

Contributor Caki Wilkinson’The Wynona Stone Poems (Persea), winner of Persea Books Lexi Rudnitsky Editor’s Choice Award

Contributor Lisa William’Gazelle in the House (New Issues Press)

Contributor Tarfia Faizullah’Seam, winner of the Crab Orchard Review Series in Poetry First Book Award


Contributor Vandana Khanna‘s Afternoon Masala (University of Arkansas Press), co-winner of the Miller Williams Award


Contributor Stefanie Wortman’In the Permanent Collection (University of North Texas Press), winner of the Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry


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