Literary Gifts: Book Subscriptions & More

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we thought we’d follow up on last year’s literary subscription gift list idea with a few literary gifts you can give that supports small businesses and nonprofits committed to bringing you literature all year long!


What can we say: we think this is one of the coolest gift ideas around. Here’s a sampling:

  1. Send the children in your life a book subscription! Age appropriate books are sent to them monthly (or every other month if you prefer) by this fabulous indie bookstore in Brooklyn, Word.
  2. Our favorite McSweeney’s subscription is the one for their poetry series, for which they send all of their beautiful hard cover poetry books from that year, but they’ve got some other good magazine and book subscriptions, as well as the super-cool t-shirt subscription.
  3. Why wouldn’t you give a short fiction lover a subscription to One Story? A manageable monthly read! A great idea that delivers! (Oh, we should have been in marketing, right?) One Story is one of the finalists for AWP’s Small Press Publisher Award this year!
  4. Ok, if we’re going to endorse an all-fiction journal, than here’s one for the purist poetry lover in your life: 32 Poems.
  5. And for that genre-crossing reader you know, one of the hottest mags out there for poetry and fiction– The Cincinnati Review, who you’ve probably noticed taking up some serious real estate in Best American Poetry and showing up in the Pushcart Anthology and other anthologies. CR is also a finalist for this year’s AWP’s Small Press Publisher Award.
  6. Ugly Duckling Press books in the mail all year long!


Support 826 National, which offers tutoring and programming, along with the all important stores specializing in spies, bigfoot, robots, superheroes, and other good stuff. ie Fun gifts for a good cause.


The Center for Book Arts has a terrific collection of chapbooks and broadsides.

This is just a sampling of the terrific journals, publishers, and nonprofits that you can support with your gift giving. If you know of other great book subscriptions, please share them in the comments section.

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