Happy International Women’s Day: Women Editors Online

Dear Readers,

Last month, in preparation for an AWP panel titled ” Founding Women: Publishers and Editors from across the Literary Journal Landscape,” for which I joined  fellow founding editors Jennifer S. Flescher (organizer of the panel), Brigid Hughes, Rebecca Wolff, Jennifer Barber, Beth Harrison, and Amanda Johnston, I sent out an email to the CLMP (Council of Literary Magazines and Presses) listserv for e-publishers, asking for the names of online literary magazines founded and edited by women. I was thrilled by the response I received. What struck me was how innovative these editors have been: the range of projects undertaken is impressive and inspiring. I include here the compiled list from that CLMP query. It is not comprehensive, by any means, but this is a wonderful starting point for being introduced to new magazines, and for demonstrating what women editors are doing in online literary publishing. I hope you will offer missing names and links up in our comment section, and that you will take the time to visit these links. It’s worth your time, I promise.

Happy International Women’s Day from Memorious, where we think about women writers every day!

All Best,

Rebecca Morgan Frank


Memorious: A Journal of New Verse and Fiction


Apt: http://apt.aforementionedproductions.com

Article: http://articlejournal.net

Autumn Sky Poetry:www.autumnskypoetry.com


Blood Orange Review: www.bloodorangereview.com

Born Magazine: www.bornmagazine.org

Bound Off: www.boundoff.com

Broadsided Press: www.broadsidedpress.org

Carte Blanche:www.carte-blanche.org

Cerise Press:www.cerisepress.com

Chaparral: www.chaparralpoetry.net

Diode: www.diodepoetry.com

Fringe: www.fringemagazine.org

Hot Metal Bridge: http://hotmetalbridge.org

JMWW: http://jmww.150m.com

Kartika Review: www.kartikareview.com

La Petite Zine: www.lapetitezine.org


Mad Hatters’ Review:www.madhattersreview.com

Mason’s Road: www.masonsroad.com

Memorious: www.memorious.org

MFA/MFYou: www.mfamfyou.com


Newport Review:www.newportreview.org

Prick of the Spindle:www.prickofthespindle.com

Requited: www.requitedjournal.com



Storychord: http://storychord.com

Storyscape: http://www.storyscapejournal.com

Superstition Review: www.superstitionreview.com

Tattoo Highway:http://www.tattoohighway.org

The Apple Valley Review: www.applevalleyreview.com

The Drum: www.drumlitmag.com

The Furnace Review: www.thefurnacereview.com

This: http://www.thiszine.org/

Toasted Cheese: www.tclj.toasted-cheese.com

Torch:  www.torchpoetry.org

Umbrella: www.umbrellajournal.com

Union Station Magazine: www.unionstationmag.com.

Unsplendid: www.unsplendid.com

Verse Wisconsin: www.versewisconsin.org

Words Without Borders:www.wordswithoutborders.org

[Note: We love hearing about magazines founded by women! But we will keep the list itself to journals which originated online with one or more founding editor who is a woman. We’re not fact checking this, and we understand that such a list is a limiting concept when so many journals are smartly hybrid in nature. But if we included every print magazine that has an online component, then this becomes a different list: a comprehensive list of literary magazines founded by women. Which is a great idea! Some one should do that. We wish we had the time. So please bear with any weaknesses of methodology and accuracy here: this is a loose resource to remind us all of the great work women editors are doing.]


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Trish says:

    Thanks for sharing the results of this project. I see many familiar names and many I can’t wait to visit. I am also a woman, and I am the founding and managing editor of Superstition Review, at http://www.superstitionreview.com

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Syreeta says:

    This is a great start of a list. I hope that you’d add our publication, Union Station Magazine to the list. I am one of the founding editors and managing editor. We can be found at http://www.unionstationmag.com.

    Keep up the great work,

  3. JP Reese says:

    Lacey Dunham is the general editor of THIS Literary Magazine. Another fine venue to add to your list.

  4. sarah says:

    What a great list! Here’s another: http://storychord.com 🙂

  5. Stephanie says:

    One of the points we tend to bring up about Toasted Cheese is that it was founded by seven women, most of whom are still active editors. We just published our latest issue so please stop by and check us out 🙂

  6. Sara McAulay says:

    I’m the founding editor of Tattoo Highway, publishing online regularly since 1998. http://www.tattoohighway.org

  7. Roxane Gay is my co-editor at PANK Magazine and is the founder of PANK’s online imprint. I’m really glad to see this growing list.

  8. Lauren says:

    Thanks for compiling such an impressive list! I am the founding editor of Corium Magazine, found at http://www.coriummagazine.com. Keep doing good things! Lauren Becker

  9. Thanks for doing this!

    I published CLMP member anthology MARGIN between 2000 and 2006 and more than half of our staff was women. The magazine is no longer publishing but it has become a large and active resource for those interested in literary magical realism.


    Tamara Kaye Sellman, Editor and Publisher

  10. Here’s another:

    Tiferet, founded and published by @DonnaBaierStein

  11. Carol Novack says:

    I founded Mad Hatters’ Review 6 years ago and continue to publish/edit my multimedia e-journal, with the assistance of my webmistress Shirley Harshenin, managing editor Alla Michelle Watson, and a large editorial staff. I used to belong to CLMP, but felt that membership is more beneficial to publishers of print journals.

    My new, related endeavor, actually a project of MadHat, Inc., my recently formed non-profit org., is MadHat Press.

  12. earthwinn says:

    Great list! Though I’m sure it has grown since this article’s publication. I am founding publisher/editor of rawboned.org, an online lit mag dedicated to short forms.

  13. Wonderful List and resource! Do you know about (or did I miss in the line-up?) The Southern Women’s Review?? Amazing, eclectic, and vibrant!

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